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Workshop: “Varieties of Religious (Super) Diversity” at Univ of Birmingham, 26 Nov, 2014

Varieties of Religious (Super) Diversity

University of Birmingham

Wednesday 26th November  — 10.30-4.30 — Room 420, Muirhead Tower


You are invited to attend a workshop exploring current research on religious diversity in the UK.

The aim of the workshop is to draw together a series of insights from different disciplines on the nature and study of religious (super)diversity in the UK today. During the morning we will build up a picture of the range of  research being undertaken in this field. After lunch we will begin to identify where there may be gaps, and then go on to ask where individuals and research groups could be working together to fill these gaps. We hope to end by identifying a number of projects that might be possible to build for the future.

This workshop is being organised by the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) and in association with the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) and the Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion (CPUR).

Current contributors include:

  • Linda Woodhead (Lancaster) who is coming to offer a sociological insight,
  • Martin Stringer (Birmingham) brings an anthropological and ethnographic perspective,
  • David Cheetham (Birmingham) will bring views from the theology of religions,
  • Helen Hall (Cardiff) works in the field of religion and law,
  • Chris Baker (William Temple Foundation) does detailed work on urban theology,
  • Sarah Hall (Birmingham) will offer an insight from the context of education and
  • Chris Allan (Birmingham) is a leading expert on Islamaphobia and religious hatred.

We would welcome contributors from any of these subject areas and from other disciplines that would provide something interesting to add to the conversation.

For further information please contact Martin Stringer at and to register for the event please contact Sheba Saeed at


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