Welcome to the ISA’s Research Committee
on the Sociology of Religion

Two Upcoming RC-22 Conferences

  1. RC22 2019 Midterm Conference in Accra, Ghana — Nov 14-18, 2019
    Theme: Rethinking Religion in the Public Sphere in 21st century Global South
    CLICK HERE to see the conference description (on the University of Ghana website
  2. Call for Paper Proposals for the 4th ISA Forum of Sociology in Porto Alegre, Brazil, July 14-18, 2020. Proposals are due by September 30th
    CLICK HERE to see the RC22 Call for Paper Proposals

About the Research Committee

The Research Committee on the Sociology of Religion (RC22) is the section of the International Sociological Association tasked with advancing theory and research in the sociology of religion, in the context of world sociology.

Formed in 1959, the Research Committee has set the following goals:

  • to develop and support personal and institutional contacts between sociologists of religion throughout the world;
  • to encourage the international dissemination and exchange of information on significant developments in the sociology of religion;
  • to promote the development of scientific activities in the sociology of religion world-wide;
  • to facilitate and promote international meetings and research in the field of the sociology of religion;
  • to pay special attention to the development of the sociology of religion in countries without strong national support for the sub-discipline.

Membership in the Research Committee is open to all members of the International Sociological Association.  Membership is also open to non-ISA members, though only ISA members get discounts on conference attendance, access to electronic journals, discounts on Sage Publications books, etc.  Get details at our membership page.

RC-22 Statement of Opposition to the U.S. Restrictions on Visas and International Travel

31 January, 2017

The Board of the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on the Sociology of Religion expresses its opposition to the restrictions on international travel, visas, and immigration that have been imposed by the President of the United States and his administration.  We join with many other scholarly associations to protest this restriction on the free movement of people and ideas across national borders.  As scholars of religion, we particularly protest the unjust singling out of Muslims and the residents of Muslim majority countries. … [Click here to read the rest of the statement.]